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Portsmouth based artist, Laura Burbine, has always found joy in nature.  While walking in the woods, swimming in the ocean, or biking through the green hills she is constantly amazed by the light, shapes and colors of the natural world.  It wasn’t until her 2005 move to the New Hampshire seacoast that the painting bug struck her.  She knew she had to put the extraordinary joy and beauty she found in Maine and New Hampshire onto a canvas.  It was time to learn to paint!

Laura can often be found painting “en plein air”- outdoors - translating nature’s light, air, shapes and colors onto the canvas.  Whether painting a seascape, landscape, figures or still life it is her love of color and light that drives her work. 

Laura works in oil.  Her work can be seen at her painting studio in the Button Factory, Portsmouth (by appointment) and on her website

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